In today's "What Were They Thinking?"... the Sexting Sting

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Summary: A man from near my childhood home got busted for sexting with a minor and then *driving to supposed minor's home*. This was a sting, though, and there was no Chad to be found.

BLOT: (29 Jun 2011 - 02:15:05 PM)

In today's "What Were They Thinking?"... the Sexting Sting

My mom asked me if I knew a [insert name]. "Red headed guy?" I asked. Turned out I had a different guy in mind but the guy she mentioned, we'll call him J-perv, had been busted for sexting. "Is that a crime?" She said she would send me the article.

He wasn't busted for sexting. He was busted for sexting with a minor. And it was a sting. Authorities spent one week, pretending to be kids from 12-14, male and female, and lured men from Florida and Alabama to exchange sexual communication with these fictional minors. Eventually, after one week, these men were asked to come down and visit these minors. Come down. And visit. And 25 men were busted for it, two from Alabama. Meaning that two men from Alabama drove down to Florida to get it on with a tween.

What 30+ year old man thinks that a 12 year old girl is not only in need of old man love squeezings, but is also going to get online, happen to meet just him, and then set up a clandestine meeting when her parents are gone? And yes, I know that sometimes such things happen but what guy is going to assume all of the above fell into their lap and then go, "Well, five hour road trip to get some 12-year-old loving? Better get some road snacks..."

I know kids are always more sophisticated than adults give them credit for, and are known for doing things that are stupid (like inviting strange men around when the parents are out) and I know that men can be complete idiots when their penis is thinking for them, but come on. And these aren't men who showed up and cased the joint, did things like looked for bikes in the front lawn and a lack of adult cars in the driveway. No, according to the article, most of the men "literally pulled up to the house and walked quickly to the door eager to meet the child." God bless. These men were so convinced of their natural heat that they had no doubt they had completely ensnared a tryst-ready minor after a single week of online dirty talk. Imagine the agent involved on the other end. That's the kind of thing that requires trips to bars and stout drinks.

Oh, and I guess one guy didn't make the drive. I suppose he was still arrested for the sexting bit. I wonder...did he realize it was a trick, or did the price of gas just weigh in too much?

I know that childhood predator shows have demonstrated that this kind of thing goes on all the time, with most people completely surprised to walk in and find out that they kid they were about to hook up with is actually a pissed off law officer, but after a bit you have to go, "Wait, I'm going to knock and they are going to tell me to sit down and film me crying, aren't they?"

My favorite line is '"We expected to have more violators traveling from outside the [Pensecola [sic], Florida] area," said Pensacola Police Capt. Paul Kelly.' You might be living in Pensacola if...(1) A local news station misspells the name of your town and (2) you are surprised when most of the local perverts live nearby.


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