My copy of Scenes from The Suburbs comes into tomorrow, and my goodbye grad school day....

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Summary: Arcade Fire's The Suburbs is getting the deluxe treatment, and part of the package includes a Spike Jonze short film set to AF music. Oi, the angstory (memory of angst!). Also, today I finish up grad school....

BLOT: (03 Aug 2011 - 09:59:54 AM)

My copy of Scenes from The Suburbs comes into tomorrow, and my goodbye grad school day....

I know Arcade Fire isn't all of your cups of tea, but I do enjoy them. I...also enjoy Spike Jonze, though often I feel as though the angst-joy pocket he is tapping into with his shorts and his movie is something that makes me feel a little...edgy. He did a short film, Scenes from The Suburbs, that includes music from Arcade Fire set to series of scenes from suburban kids during one of their growing up summer. A growing up summer that also involves cops, guns, soldiers, and a sense of dread....apparently. This video does a good job of setting it up, and acts like a trailer for the short (albeit a trailer that shows bits of everything).

One of the reasons I like Arcade Fire is because I'm a huge lyric freak. I hate how a lot of bands have basically shitty lyrics as an excuse to play music. Not all of AF's lyrics are super gold, but some of them are excellent, like this lyrical section from about the middle-to-the-end bit of the above song. It's the sort of mix of ironic irony and joyously clashing images that I strive for in my own poems:

Kids wanna be so hard
But in my dreams we're still screamin' and runnin' through the yard
And all of the walls that they built in the seventies finally fall
And all of the houses they build in the seventies finally fall
Meant nothin' at all
Meant nothin' at all
It meant nothin

Sometimes I can't believe it
I'm movin' past the feeling
Sometimes I can't believe it
I'm movin' past the feeling and into the night

So can you understand?
Why I want a daughter while I'm still young
I wanna hold her hand
And show her some beauty
Before this damage is done

But if it's too much to ask, it's too much to ask
Then send me a son

And well, and if that's not your thing, I also enjoy "Hawaiin Air" by Friendly Fires...though the band does not exactly look like the sort of band that would make music like that, but hey, it has a lyric about "skipping the meal for a g-n-t" and I can appreciate those lyrics, as well...

Well, back slightly to the grind. Today is the last day I should wake up in grad school for a bit. There is something like a 9 page paper done, and a twenty minute presentation prepared and ready to go tonight. I'm waiting to hear a slight bit more feedback and then I'll turn it in, and bathe in horror and Doctor Who until it is time. And then, after one last hurrah, it won't be time again for a while. Eventually I will go for my Doctorate [in Horror], but for now I will stare at the blue sky and wonder...what now?

Also...things I never did while doing grad school online: dropped acid in class, took a class naked, murdered someone while class was going on, took a class while in a third world country stealing wifi off some little cyber-bodega on a dirt road... Man, I really should have lived a little.

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