My current favorite review of The Help (the book, but also the movie)

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Summary: Ha HA!

BLOT: (19 Aug 2011 - 11:02:37 AM)

My current favorite review of The Help (the book, but also the movie)

My current favorite review of The Help:

And I know people like Owen Gleiberman hate this complaint, what with all the white folk pitching in being just a proper depiction of Southern complexity (I swear, when New Englanders aren't calling us sister-raping, though shoeless, corn farming racists; they are bragging about our near mystic racial complexity and giving awards to movies that depict our best and brightest as mentally retarded, homely folk...or bluegrass swilling post-prison malcontents...). However, there has been some reasoned fire-backs.

At any rate, I have no keen interest for or against this movie/book, though I fully expect it to win The Blind Side style awards. Or have fans scream it was totally robbed when it doesn't.

Oh, and I spent the morning helping students study the continuation of pro-slavery research in America (the "But now they're Christians instead of sister raping heathens!" has largely given away to "!") and I found this picture, which somehow struck me as being...appropriate to this post, which I will give without comment though I did some research and know its secrets...



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