Bag o' Links, The Long Lost Edition, Part II and Conclusion. Post 'em or Delete 'em? Here goes..

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Summary: A second round of getting rid of links that I've held on for a bit and, as a bonus, this will be the final round. Once I clear this lot I'll delete those I couldn't stand or had no urge to post.

BLOT: (21 Sep 2011 - 02:29:56 PM)

Bag o' Links, The Long Lost Edition, Part II and Conclusion. Post 'em or Delete 'em? Here goes..

Last week I started to post a long list of links I had accumulated but never used and cut myself off in the middle. Then, I got to looking and realized I probably had enough old links for at least two more posts of the aforelinked article left, and went: bugger that. Not only does it get rid of the purpose of most of the links being shared (they were largely bookmarked to be put into specific posts and then either those posts didn't use them or never got posted) but there is nothing quite so tedious online* as long link roundups without there being some central purpose. In other words, a writer linking to new reviews so fans that like to read reviews: ok. A person linking completely sundry miscellany: keep it tempered.

This week I bring you a promise, my massive backlog of 100+ links or gets one more chance: either they make it into this post (the aim is for about 20-30) or I delete them and move on. Fresh starts all around. As usual, I'll talk them up and try to make them sound interesting, or mock them. Or whichever hits my fancy.

Ok, done. Now I'm off to delete about 70 links that I did not talk about. It is going to feel so good!

* Actually, the most tedious thing online is a blog entry writen on a free platform by someone who obviously has only a passing interest on a subject, clearly meant to trigger search hits so they can push advertisements on the right hand side. The fact that any decent information search—"Google: the best ways to clean gutters"—is more likely than not to bring back as many or more of these Trojan blogs is a good reason to quit the Internet. There, I said. We should quit the Internet.


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