Some highlight photos from the Toys for Tots Bellydance Charity Event...and the Seinfeld Moment

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Summary: On November 18, 2011, Lumani and Lunatic Fringe put hosted a show at the Decatur Country Club to raise money for Toys for Tots. Mostly my picture taking sucks but here are a few fun ones.

BLOT: (24 Nov 2011 - 11:42:50 AM)

Some highlight photos from the Toys for Tots Bellydance Charity Event...and the Seinfeld Moment

Last Friday, Sarah's Bellydance troupe(s)—Lunatic Fringe [student troupe] and Lumani [more professional]—performed out in Decatur at the Country Club for charity. They were raising money, and toys, for Toys for Tots. The event was basically dinner, drinks, and dancing with most of the audience getting to eat and snack and etc before and during the dancer/band performance. It was overall nice, with good food and a wide variety of dances and acts: other than the usual Nomadic Tapestry dancers, there was also some from Tennessee and Florence, AL. Sarah got to perform in a couple of outfits and got to drum and sing through a couple of numbers.

The pictures below show a fair highlight reel (i.e. the best seven photos out of my normal struggles with camera timing and flashing). Or you can view my whole bellydancing album for other photos from that, and a pair of other, events. That album is sorted reverse chronology, just FYI. Click on the pictures below to see larger shots.




So...twice now while referring to the event, I talked about the "Seinfeld moment". After all was said and done and things had gone pretty smoothly (after a bit of rough at the beginning when it looked like I was going to be a dude sitting by myself at a large table), I was waiting for Sarah to gather her stuff and leave. I had shaken hands and talked to one of the other dancer's husbands. I had talked to one of the drummers and had a couple of jokes. Had smiled at some of the other dancers. All was pleasant and I looked like a fully formed social being. Exit stage Doug, right? Nope.

Turns out that Sarah needed about half an hour to get all of her stuff. After about ten minutes, I probably should have just choked up the mild awkwardness of the situation and said, "Sorry everybody, looks like I can be social because I am not about to leave!" Instead, I wandered back and forth thinking, "Any time now. Any time now she is going to come out...trying to start conversation...oh, twenty minutes into the pacing back and forth will be a bit weird!" This kept going on an going on. People had to start wondering why I was just walking up and down the floor. There were a couple of comments along the lines of, "I think that's Sarah's husband". Like an event out of Seinfeld, once I had reached the insertion point of the "Moment", there was no way for me to easily rectify it without bringing it to a focus of attention. Never reached any sort of straight-up social destruction, just a mild moment with no exit. Ah, life.

And now I have some pictures to post, probably later this afternoon, of some heavy bird formations we've been getting and then possibly some pics of today's own Thanksgiving day fun. Just in case this doesn't show up for a day or two, HAPPY TURKEY DAY GOBBLE GOBBLE!

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