If this isn't a sitcom setup, I don't know what is: Black church owns building that houses White supremacist shop

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Summary: African American church owns the building that houses a shop that sells stuff designed to spread KKK memorabilia and Confederate imagery? If this was on NBC Thursdays, it would be single camera and would have long awkward silences. ABC Fridays? There would be a middlin' love interest added in with a constant laugh track going.

BLOT: (13 Jan 2012 - 07:23:20 AM)

If this isn't a sitcom setup, I don't know what is: Black church owns building that houses White supremacist shop

I will not resurrect the body of debate about whether the South is particularly racist, and mostly just leave you with the article as-is: "Last month, a state circuit judge in Greenwood, S.C., decided that Pastor Kennedy's tiny New Beginning Missionary Baptist Church held the valid title to the old Echo Theater, whose lobby the Redneck Shop occupies. It was handed over fair and square years earlier by an acolyte of John Howard, the Klan leader who founded the shop."

Maybe you are thinking that doesn't make sense: if a Black church owns a White supremacist shop, why not shut it down? Well, the script writers—in this case, God—has added the wrinkle that they cannot shut down the shop until he dies. And, the NYTimes article above stipulates, "Mr. Howard is a notably cantankerous fellow in his mid-60s."

Cranky, potentially long-lived old white man runs a Confederacy shop now owned by the people with the most power to shut him down, and a hefty dose of WANTING to shut him down, but is given a legal agreement for it to stay open as long as he is alive...what would the title of this be called? I would go for something short and sweet like "Southern Livin'" and have a regular assassination [but COMICAL] subplot written in until, you know, some inevitable begrudging but firm friendship develops. Ok, I'll stop. I don't know if I am mocking life, American race relations, or sitcom writers, now.

But go ahead and send in some suggestions for possible names. I can always append good ones to this post...


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