Possible Huntsville Cryptid? Screw it, let's get this ball rolling...

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Summary: A Craiglist posting describes, r/nosleep style, a strange encounter. Whether it's a joke or a sign of the Gates of Hell being thrust open, I say we should keep the ball rolling.

BLOT: (10 Jun 2014 - 10:28:27 AM)

Possible Huntsville Cryptid? Screw it, let's get this ball rolling...

A fairly recent posting to Huntsville's Craiglist "Rants and Raves" features a local side-trip into the dark:

At first I thought it was a man running and dragging a trash bag...It was not a man. It was 4 feet tall and looked like a little bluish white man but all skin and bones and naked though smeared with a lot of mud. Its face was so horrible. It was so much like a demon's, like a human face with no nose and no lower jaws and sunken eyes. It was definitely on two legs, but its knees were bent backwards, like a deer's back legs. It craned its neck back to look at me, but did not slow down...the thing was dragging a hairy, brown dog by its back legs...

If you look through other recent "Rants and Raves" from the area you can see several replies [NB: you might have to dig back through a page or five of inarticulate political rants, depending on when you read this, but there is at least one good one]. Much like the "always true" stylings of Reddit's r/nosleep, there's a slight bit of extra data there that simultaneously increases and decreases the veracity, but you know what? Huntsville could use a good cryptid. My vote is that we keep this ball rolling. Where did you spot the Little Blue Man?

Just remember how well it worked out for Mobile:



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