tremulus playbooks: which sets/books have which?

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Summary: tremulus is building up quite a stack of playbooks. The below represents my attempt to list all of the official ones, in both alphabetical and in containing-product order.

BLOT: (24 Jul 2014 - 09:57:15 PM)

tremulus playbooks: which sets/books have which?

As a tremulus Kickstarter backer, I received a copy of a new Playbook Set, Expedition Team, and a new Playset, The Journey, today. They will probably be in the Reality Blurs tremulus store, soon. I realized I needed to sit down and start figuring which playbook goes where. Hence I made this list. It is all of the official playbooks [which I know about] sorted by both alphabetical order and by which product contains them. If anyone else out there is looking to run a tremulus game, hopefully this can help them to keep the excellently large set of playbooks straight. Note: it contains no information about them, this is purely for organizational purposes. I will update this page as more are released.

I know some of them are only available to Kickstarter backers (one I know of for sure) and there are others which seem to be not available in the store, yet. I'm sure this is temporary, except in the case of the exclusive releases.

As a note, with tremulus's recent nomination for five ENnies and its SPREAD THE MADNESS sale (where you can get it for $5 until July 30, 2014), seems like a good time for trying it out if you haven't already.

Alphabetical Listing

This is an alphabetical listing of all [currently confirmed] 45 playbooks with the keyword in square brackets being the key to which product they come from.

Sorted by Product

This sorting is more for those who want to pick up a couple of products but kind of want to see what they have at a glance. The products are themselves in alphabetical order, if that helps.

As a note, the first three Playbook Sets had five playbooks each while the other products, not counting the "classic set" included in the core book, had three. The most recent Playbook Set as of this initial post, Expedition Team, only has three.

Currently only the Classic Set, Playbook Sets 1-3, and the Cemetery are available for purchase for non-backers. As I said above, I expect this to change.

The Classic Playbook Package [default pack]

Ebon Eaves: The Asylum

Ebon Eaves: The Cemetery

Ebon Eaves: The Museum

The Frozen Wasteland Playset

The Journey Playset

Playbook Set 1 - Flexible Thinkers

Playbook Set 2 - On the Fringes

Playbook Set 3 - Madmen

Playbook Set 4 - The Expedition Team




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