Something new for those friends who want to play along, the Monday Writing Prompt! First up, "The 2:43am Knock"

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Summary: As both an encouragement to myself and something to try out with friends, I figure for the month of October, I'll have a weekly writing prompt and see who wants to play along. The first one involves a knock in the middle of the night, one that should not be sinister, but somehow is.

BLOT: (06 Oct 2014 - 07:49:05 PM)

Something new for those friends who want to play along, the Monday Writing Prompt! First up, "The 2:43am Knock"

Something I've long wanted to experiment with, both for myself and for others who are interested, is putting out some sort of writing prompts. Well, since it is October, I figured for this and for the remainder of October Mondays, I would set up a writing prompt with a general horror theme and then anyone who wanted to play, including myself, could play along. If I get, say, two responses total for the month of October, I might keep trying to put them out later on in the year. I'll also throw in some +1 Prompts that will give potential flavor that can then be ignored if the central prompt is enough to get you going.

For October, I want to deal with two specific themes that show up in horror [say, in the workds of Ramsey Campbell]: social awkwardness and innocent things leading to bad things. And I'll start with something based on a real life story that happened not too long ago. Couple of weeks back, late at night, Sarah and myself were woken up by someone knocking on our French doors. I got up, got dressed, and then there was no one there. It has not happened again. There are a number of possible answers to the questions, "Who was it and why?," but really it does not matter too much. However, it was a bit of blood-pumper thinking of all the scary possibilities. Sticking to my themes, though, let's say the prompt is this:

At 2:43am, the protagonist is woken by a knock on his or her apartment door. The person outside is knocking for some innocent or actually positive reason, but it will end up with something bad happening.

+1 Prompt: The person at the door is someone that the protagonist does not know personally, but has some strong interest in knowing.

+1 Prompt: The protagonist has not slept well for at least a week, and tonight had his or best chance of sleeping through the night. Why the trouble sleeping? And how is that tied into the bad thing?

If you play, and want to share, and don't mind me linking them, let me know and I'll share. If you want to share but not have me link them, that's cool, too. And if you don't want to share...well, there you go.


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