[Two] Poem[s] of the Day, April 14: "Eyes Wave" and "The Elven King"

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Summary: Two poems wrap my current foray into horror poetry. Since I did not post one last night (for reasons), I will post two today.

BLOT: (14 Apr 2016 - 09:04:37 PM)

[Two] Poem[s] of the Day, April 14: "Eyes Wave" and "The Elven King"

Because I was away at the ALLA 2016 Conference in Gadsden, AL, I did not get a chance to post a poem-of-the-day last night. Tonight I make up for it by posting two. As following the rules, both were entirely written and edited in 10 minutes. Both touch upon horror themes, though I think I will leave that for now and then try something different tomorrow.

"Eyes Wave"

The last I see of your eyes are in the waves,
In the brine, bathed in the salt teeth eating them,
Chewing them under and washing them away,
And then the waves blink and you go down,
Down into memory, down into the lack of regret.

The last words I heard from you hurt my heart,
The scar tissue barely stitching up the wounds,
The pain dripping down into the silence of my worry.
"I love you," and, "There is no one like you,"
Echoes in my head like a migraine given wings.

Did you fall? Did you trip? Did I push you in?
I forget. Only now that I cannot see your eyes,
I miss you, but I am glad that you have ceased.
I could barely bear you, you stripped my skin open,
And forced me to feel, this pitiable humanity thing.

The waves are clouds, the waves are streets,
The waves are red in the sunset chill, lightning strikes.
In the distance, a bird calls. The night falls deep.
I see my face reflected in the afterbirth of stars,
I feel my heart beat, a song of sodden chords.

I will heal, now, I will finally be complete, I will gladly
Walk alone through this life in front of me, a tale
Of woe and circumstance. If you only you knew
Just what your words would do to me, if only you
Knew just what such syllables might mean.

The last you saw of my eyes was in the waves,
Reflecting back at you with a mirror of time.
The gentle roar, a soothing soul of sounds.
And then I went up and you drowned, finally,
Down into the dark cracks at the bottom of depth.

"The Elven King"

My son, do you know of the elven king?
Do you know of the terrible dawn he brings?
Have you seen the horror of his perfect face?
Have you looked deep into his eyes of space?

My son, have heard the stories of his tyranny,
Of the way he brought our kind such misery?
Have you heard the way he laughs and maims?
Have you ever been tempted to play his games?

My son, flee from the gaze of that elven lord!
In the mask of man he walks and breaks the world!
Miles high, a storm of torment on the horizon,
Let us all quake and fear that he is once more risen!

My son, my son, why do you laugh so ruthlessly?
I am your father, please do not, for him, forsake me!
Turn your back upon these games he makes you play.
Put down the knife, there is another way.

My son, have you become the elven king?
Are you now this forsaken, eldritch thing?
Where is your heart, have you thrown it away?
Please do not devour me with your eyes of space.

Such pain, such pain, the elven king has come.
May the world know what he has done.
He has taken my son, he has taken my life.
Across all the world, the elven king strides.

How about you, do you know the elven king,
Across the night into the day, the song he sings?
Or do you think of him as only childish tale?
I pray for you to never see his crown so pale.


Written by Doug Bolden

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