Poem of the Day, April 15: "Language Is a Fence"

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Summary: Tonight's poem has to be posted as a graphic, because of non-roman characters, but it is about language and its impact on meaning.

BLOT: (15 Apr 2016 - 09:56:22 PM)

Poem of the Day, April 15: "Language Is a Fence"

Inspired by a) a conversation about understanding others, b) making fun of Ezra Pound's "Cantos", and c) an actual fence, this poem harkens back to a theme I've talked about before: that language forces us to approximate ourselves, but only in approximation can we communicate. Written in 10 minutes, like the others, this one required me to do some very rapid Google translating, and enlist the help of one friend, as well as remember every little bit of other languages I could drudge up. Note, posted as a picture because the non-roman characters would require me to unicode them, and I am in a rush to get this posted before midnight.

Language is a fence cast iron black and gate swings with squeaks    et	    Language is a fence surrounding cemeteries and arbitraries	        y		Language is the claustrophobia of expressions and the closet door		    e		    The books are closed but how would they be open without language		        og			Without the fence holding all the graves of expression together in			Such a nice little clump of plots, all the heart strings spoken in			Tiny little tombstones approximating the big things 			    en			    Those mediocre things like eu te amo and از این متنفرم 			        na				Ergo sum frigus, but what does it matter, for language is a tongue				And it roams in the brain, finding those pure thoughts, stretching 				Them into place, but giving them shape, and all the souls in the world				Matter not if all the other souls in the world cannot taste				    または				    Contemplate the Spring full of flowers, growing there in its own				    Field, unseen, as the lake births a breeze, and the day crashes				    Down into its own sense of general well being, unloved 				    but 				    a(language is a sacrifice of words so others may)live


Written by Doug Bolden

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