Poem of the Day, April 16: "Grotto"

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Summary: Another poem of day, a few minutes late.

BLOT: (16 Apr 2016 - 10:44:06 PM)

Poem of the Day, April 16: "Grotto"

Really don't have much to say about this one that isn't said in the poem itself. At first wanted to try and work with haiku, and then decided to mostly take that as a suggestion.


Footprints in the dust
Dry into the shape of clouds.
Wind cools the day.

Grotto casts shadows
Into long evenings.
Blossoms fall to sighs.

The boy in black stands
Back to the world, whistles.
Coughs twice.

Hand touches bark,
Eyes to the ground
Cut a path of impatience.

Anger and pain
Tattoo skin, the happy dawn
Was sad days ago.

Loses himself in the trees,
A pond in front of him.
Catfish and frog souls dance.

He longs to grow, longs to know,
Fears he is marked to fail.
Confusion opens his heart,

Closes his mouth,
Grits teeth into sounds.
He pours into rain drops.

Footprints in dirt
Track mud up the road.
Night storms drink the light.

The man in brown watches
The grotto in his memory,
Forgets his new name.

As he once was, he still is,
And he wonders the point.
Turns, dawns a new spring.


Written by Doug Bolden

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