True stories: The internet is a bad, bad place; no water; et cetera

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Saturday, 23 May 2009

(01:49:57 CDT)

True stories: The internet is a bad, bad place; no water; et cetera

True story. Last night (by time you read this, likely two nights ago) I was doing some research on kaiju (think: big, Japanese, monster) and one of my Google Image Searches (GISes) brought up a picture of a woman vomiting into a toilet while one friend holds up her hair and another, the cute one in my opinion, holds a rum and coke and looks on in something like wonderment. Is it awesome that she continued to imbibe while on-her-knees spewed orange vomit? I do not know. What I do know is that picture is one of a couple, the other showing more graphic and embarassing vomit details of the same poor on-her-knees. In the midst. of. normal. party. photos. "Look at what a good time we all had, oh, and here is my best bitch friend forever puking her guts out, OMG, I know!" If I had friends who took pictures of me vomiting and then posted them to a party folder on a publically accessible photo sharing site—in the middle of normal party pics so it is pretty obvious everyone else was ok—I would get new friends. If I was pretty weak-willed, though, I guess I would continue to hang out with the assholes and just drink myself into oblivion. Good choice, on-her-knees.

Another true story. Came home today with three things on my mind: I needed to pee, I needed to water the plants, and I was hell-fire thirsty. The water was out. Turns out someone had to turn it off for some fixing stuff and forgot to turn it on. Friday. Of a three day weekend. They rushed out here and corrected their mistakes and all the three things were taken care of prior to next Tuesday. I would have been irate. It's all good now, but I would have been irate.

Enough random truth, now for some random catch-ups. I have about ten days of freedom before class starts. It will be two nights a week, four hours a night, for one month. That's going to suck so much. However, most of us can do anything crappy thing for a month, right? Sigh.

Sarah runs her 5k race on Monday. If anyone wants to blow their day off and come downtown Huntsville about 9am, you can cheer her on.

I am really, really close to done with my long project at work. More details probably tomorrow. I feel a post brewing.

Hmmm, finally, I watched the first half of Crows Zero tonight. It is pretty awesome. Violence. Dark comedy. Slapstick. All good things.

All right, goodnight!

Si Vales, Valeo


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