Same Sex Marriage Ban Upheld in CA, Questions about legal status

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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

(17:21:54 CDT)

Same Sex Marriage Ban Upheld in CA, Questions about legal status

California's Supreme Court held up the ban on same-sex marriage, today. I am of mixed emotions about this one. While I am personally in favor of the Supreme Court backing the will of the people, even when it is a state Court backing the will of the people in the state, I am unsure how proper it is to allow anyone to vote to take away the rights of another group of people. While it is not the same, it is only one step away from voting to remove some basic rights from blacks or hispanics. I guess that's what we get when we foster a culture of taking away rights from people who make money, or people who run a business, or people who do not want medical treatment for their children. We get used to telling people what to do just because "it makes sense" and oh, look, a popular vote backs it up.

As I thought, those already married will have their marriage upheld. Which is a good thing. Once you start post-facto-ing you end up with people getting busted for things they did back when it was legal. It is a bad, bad slippery slope.

I am curious, and I am open to anyone who has any info. What sort of rights do civil unions have in comparison to marriages? Is it basically just the name? The reason I ask is because colluding the concepts of marriage, which many want to be a moral concept, with the concept of legal rights is a mistake, in my opinion. By doing so, you are practising the notion that a subset of the population, the "moral" set, gets a few extra rights. Maybe not many and maybe those extra rights really do not count for much in practical matters, but I find that, too, to be the beginnings of a slippery slope.

Si Vales, Valeo


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