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Saturday, 30 May 2009

(20:13:35 CDT)

Thirty-Two, Today

Of all the random things to occur to me, I suppose Aimee Mann's Smilers came out exactly a year ago. Heh. I am thirty-two, which struck me as a middlin' age until some friend pointed out that this is the age in which Jesus and Buddha both started their ministries. I took that as something as a challenge. Had my mom said it, I might have taken it as a jab. Heh.

I have had lots of fun over the past twenty-four hours. For no real reason, now that I think about it, I decided to try and get some of the social stuff of my birthday out of the way yesterday. I guess my reasoning went something like this: I want to do a range of things and no way will they stack. Last night, we met at Viet Huong at 5: Sarah, Katie, Mandi, Raymond, Nathan, and I. We ate and hung out for over an hour and it was good fun. Sarah gave me a DVD of Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog which sounds awesome. With the money that my mom and my mom-in-law sent me, I also picked up Detective Story by Takashi Miike (will watch those two tonight) and the board/card game Zombies!!! as well as Lunch Money. I also picked up some paperback horror to read between studying and a caramel apple. The night was full of purchases!

Mandi and Katie went off and the guys came along with Sarah and myself to Bridge Street (where the books and apple were bought). The night was originally going to culminate in us watching Drag Me to Hell but by the time we got the cinema (about a quarter of an hour out), we found that only something like four seats were unoccupited, and they were spread out. Rather than get separated, we debated getting tickets later that night (which I originally favored, even though it would have caused us to put portions of the night on hold until even later) or getting them for a later date. I picked them up for Sunday at 1:15pm. I needed to go hiking today (not wanted, needed to get outside and into some serene woodland). I am still looking forward to it.

We came back here and watched a couple or three episodes of the 1967-8 Ultraman (by the end of the series, the show's goof factor was especially high, so we laughed a lot). Then we (now bloomed to include Mog, Tim, and Kerry) watched Fight Club: Members Only, aka "The Bollywood Fight Club". Despite a couple of TV spots that showed them fighting in undeground clubs and counting down rules, the movie has very little to do with the American movie. I'm actually going to make a post about this pretty soon, because I think the Internet may one day require that service. Afterwards, I went on to bed and slept good.

This morning, got up and took some time getting ready and relaxing. About noon, Becca came over and we went down to Hay's Nature Preserve to picnic and walk. It was a nice relaxing 2-3 hour outing, and Becca got me a cute apron for cooking. It has a pig on it, because "men aprons" are about barbecuing, but I'm going to pretend it is about the movie Delicatessen. She also not only bought us the chicken and strawberries for picnicking, but also some of Meaux's Snowballs afterwards (mine was grape, tangerine, and cream..mmm).

Since then, I have slept, and will probably read some more this afternoon and watching some of my birthday movies and sleep some more. Tomorrow I'll watch Drag Me to Hell and study some. It will be a boring, but relaxing, rest of the weekend.

Si Vales, Valeo


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