Sarah's 10K "race", this Saturday

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Thursday, 03 September 2009

(18:51:42 CDT)

Sarah's 10K "race", this Saturday

Sarah is going to be running in the 10K (ten kilometer) leg of the 38th Annual Monte Sano Road Races this saturday (September 5th, 2009). I just wanted to take a moment to point that out and to congratualate her on making it this far. For those not in the know, Sarah is not a runner; or at least, has not traditionally been one. She did some light jogging, but nothing extreme nor regular before this year. One of her New Year's resolutions, her main one, was to run a 10K by the end of the year. She has spent the past nine months training. She was up to snuff in time to run the Cotton Row Run 5K back in May (I'm pretty sure it was May). This 10K will likely be the culmination of her running career, after this I am sure she will be settled back down and consider 4-5K plenty for any man or beast.

I put "race" in quotation marks because she is not really running for speed. She is mostly just running to say she did.

10K is a bit over six miles. Sarah can run that in about an hour and a quarter, give or take depending on how she is feeling. We will be doing some sort of pre-race carb loading the night before (possibly never ending pasta at Olive Garden, not sure right now).

If anyone wants to come along for the pre-run carb-load the night before, my guess is that we will do it kind of early (5-6pm at the latest) so that she can be in bed by or before 9pm. The race is the next day at 8am (Sarah has to be there about 6:30am, though, hence the early bedtime). Sarah should be done about 9:15 to 9:30. Anyone who can drag themselves out of bed in the morning is welcome to attend. I'll be up there somewhere, reading Great Expectations on my Kindle and trying to stay awake with tea or something. I have no idea what the spectator space will be like for this event, but I'm a big enough guy you should be able to spot me.

Anyhow, again, congrats to Sarah! Not only is training to run that far in a year (while holding down a full time job and helping your husband to get into grad school) a feat, but she fulfilled a New Year's resolution. That might be the first one I have ever seen honestly fulfilled..

I'll take my camera and try and get some sort of picture, which will likely be a pre-race warm-up. Afterwards, she'll be all sweaty and sticky and not worth anything. There is a fair to mild chance that we will find some spot on the mountain to picnic afterwards, depending on the weather and such, so she can eat and nap before we come home. The time of this "event" would be about 10am until maybe noonish. Again, there are several factors that might trip that up.

Si Vales, Valeo


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