Day One of the "Frat-kins" Diet

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Summary: The first day of the Atkins Diet, or something like it. Sarah and I are greatly minimizing our carb intake for two weeks, from 0-20 grams per day. I am mostly curious to see what sort of effect it has. Early signs are grim.

Sunday, 06 December 2009

(12:09:14 CST)

Day One of the "Frat-kins" Diet

Breakfast, this morning, was a double helping of sardines and a glass of water. That's not prison food, I don't know what what that is. I have not not felt hungry since waking up, which confirms my first suspicions: all of that hoopla about how awesome the Atkins Diet is and how you never feel hungry and are always satisifed...well, it's a lie. In fact, the very basis of the diet is that you never stop, literally, starving. The meat and fat give you some energy and help you to feel a little full, but your body is breaking down muscle and fat the whole time because it cannot find the proper amount of carbs to sustain it. This is not a diet that one would want to live by. This is more of a diet for frat boys who are out of beer and fries for a weekend. Hence: "Frat-kins".

The reasons that Sarah and I are doing it are varied. Namely, we are curious. I am curious, anyhow. A couple of my friends on it described it as the best thing since the sliced bread they were not allowed to touch. One more honest friend of Sarah's describes it as Hell, but effective. I want to see. I also want to see if I can take the most extreme version of the "Frat-kins" diet and work it out: fried meat, eggs, butter, repeat. That is an experiment of sorts. Much like the Super Size Me experiment proved that McDonald's isn't balanced in and of itself, this is to find out if the diet can exist in its purest form. I think not. In fact, the New Atkins diet starts warning of the dangers of acidic blood and talking up how awesome vegetables are. I give myself about two days on the extreme version.

Also, finally, my family trait (on my dad's side), the inability to regulate water properly, is supposed to be helped greatly by no-to-low carb diets. This is another main reason to test this. To see how long this takes and how much it fixes.

Things I cannot have that I thought I could have: fish sticks. Things I can have that I thought I could not have: almonds.

Si Vales, Valeo


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