The Breakfast Quesadilla (aka 'Eat your heart out, Taco Bell')

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Summary: This morning I made a breakfast quesadilla. Partially through boredom. I discuss the recipe and review it.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

(12:06:54 CST)

The Breakfast Quesadilla (aka 'Eat your heart out, Taco Bell')

Experimenting with breakfast this morning, I came up with the kind of food that Taco Bell pushes on us as "Mexican" all the time, if Taco Bell got together with Burger King and asked "Yeah, but how do we make it really unhealthy?" This is the equivalent of a breakfast burrito, a breakfast chimichanga, maybe even a breakfast taco (if such a thing exists). This is the breakfast quesadilla.

The recipe is about as non-complex as you can get: tortilla filled with egg, bologna (in this case, but see below), cheese, and tomatoes. The egg and bologna were both pre-fried (extra hard arteries!). The cheese was quasi-layered (about 2/3 on top of the egg, the other 1/3 on top of the whole thing. Then it was lightly pan fried. The picture above shows two. The left most one was butter fried for maybe 3-5 minutes a side. The right one was oil (sunflower) fried for about 2 minutes a side. In both cases, the grease was kept down to a minimum, just a layer between the pan and the bread.

The oil-fried one was ok. Somehow, the generally rich egg and bologna taste got muffled by the taste of the tort-in-oil. The butter-fried one was better, but even that needed something. Not sure what. Might be best go use either country ham or bacon, stronger meats, on top of the egg. And might be best to toss in a little pepper or hot sauce for kick. Tomato is good, but some onions might be better (or it might be better to use both).

Not sure when I will repeat the experience. (a) I am out of tortilla and (b) it is a little rich for my breakfast tastes (I like cereal, most mornings) but it does have potential. I just need to retweak the recipe.

Si Vales, Valeo

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(1) Mandi C. asks: "garlic, salt, little cumin, paprika ?" [via Facebook]

(2) Doug replies: "Salt was there a little bit, and garlic and paprika are possibilities, but the cumin makes me think about chili powder, which would be just about perfect to finish it up. It would help to add a definite "meat" to the eggs to help bring their flavor up. I use it some omelets when I want the eggs to be more full in flavor. This also gets me to thinking: ham instead of bologna and then top with a little hollandaise and some sesame seeds. Of course, by this time, you are leaving behind the "custom made to make fun of fast food" flavor and getting into something like real food."

(3) Mandi C. responds "i use garlic and paprika when i make scrambled eggs most the time". [via Facebook]

(4) Doug responds: "Will definitely try that, then."

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