What/Who will be there when the Pandorica opens? My three guesses... (Note: Some [Slight?] Spoilers)

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Summary: My three guesses, and one fear, of what will be going down at the end of this (the Fifth/31st) season of Doctor Who

Sunday, 13 June 2010

(12:46:03 CDT)

What/Who will be there when the Pandorica opens? My three guesses... (Note: Some [Slight?] Spoilers)

Next week, the current Doctor Who season will begin its two part ending. At the center of this entire season has been a mystery about cracks in space-time, some "silence" that will "descend", and the fable of the Pandorica. Also, something to do with Amy's wedding day. So...what's the big mystery? What's the big whoo-ha inside the Pandorica? I have three guesses, and one fear (listed last). This will possibly spoil things for you, but as long as you avoid the "-1: And My Fear Is..." then you will skip any huge spoilers.

1. A New Enemy! Since Russel T. Davies re-started the show, the majority of the enemies have been either minor or rehashes. There has been the Slitheen, who showed up more in spin-off materials than the main storyline. Same with the Krillitane. I love the Ood, but the little Cthulhu star-spawn that could were de-nemesised about as soon as they were introduced. I guess Cassandra screwed stuff up twice before checking out; and, both the Weeping Angels and River Song have made it to a few episodes, now. Again, though, this is nothing on the scale of giant-evil-empire or rogue Time Lord as a bad guy. Well, not yet (the Cybermen had a one-off feel when they first showed up, as did the Daleks). Still, since the show seems to be drifting through a pond (PUN!) of warm nostalgia, it could be time for something new to be injected, a proper new baddie on scale of Cybermen and Daleks and Sontarans. The big-ending episodes have featured the Daleks three times, the Master, and Cybermen sharing the spot-light with one of the Dalek incursions (maybe I should say that there's a chance that it's going to be Davros? Chances it will be Dalek related have to be around the 10% mark, just because...) Chances this will be it? I'd say less than 10%. Not only would there have been hints before now, most likely, but it just doesn't seem to be in the mission-statement of the new-Who.

2. Omega! The Jesus Christ Time Lord, a being whose sacrifice and resurrection lead to the ability to travel to time, except he's pissed about it because it stranded him in the nega-verse. He has surfaced a couple/three times, usually to great effect. His anti-matter existence might explain the explosion of the Tardis that has been hinted about (but see below) and there has been a strange hint of camaraderie between he and the Doctor (which, in the 7th's era, was explained by hints that the Doctor, in some form, was there during the Supernova that created the Time Lords and "killed" Omega). Chances this will be it? I'd go as high as 25%. I don't know why, I guess the "cracks in space-time" feels like an Omega-event.

3. The Doctor! Some of the hints— things like whoever is in the box is drenched in the blood of millions— seem ripe for Doctor self-hatred. In this season alone, we have one genocide attributed to him as well as an angry "inner-being" come out of him. The Oncoming Storm tends to take a non-violent approach, while at the same time has contributed to the death of systems (often for good reasons). He's bothered by it, sure, but does it kind of often. I guess it's just his conflicting natures. The Tardis has already been shown to explode (or well, hinted at, by the shrapnel found in the crack) and some hints about River Song could be tied into the big revelation at the end. Not to mention, the one thing all those baddies shown in the trailer have in common is the Doctor himself. Chances this will be it? I'd say a good 50%. Maybe even higher.

(Increased Spoiler Alert) -1. My fear is... that somehow it will be Amy Pond. In the last episode, "The Lodger", it showed her having some sort of mental bump when she found the engagement ring, a ring connected to a guy that now no longer ever existed. The date shown as the "Big Bang" is her wedding day, and in "Vincent and the Doctor" it was explained that she is still crying because she knows something is wrong. In "Amy's Choice", she said something about not caring to live in an Universe without Rory. There is the Doctor who said he would be back in 5 minutes and it became however many years, and then went away for another two years, but had an odd look on his face while looking at the read out of a crack at the end. The cracks seem to be following her or the Doctor around. Now, I don't think Amy Pond will be inside the Pandorica, per se, I'm mostly just worried that she will be the cause of the cracks and that Rory will be the impetus. The problem with this is, well, it's Terminator like bollocks.

Any guesses on your part?

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