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(April 2010)

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  1. Two and two more (three more?) paragraphs about Doctor Who number Eleven
  2. Short, Untitled Poem: "Dawn, asleep in the fog of the trees and sounds"
  3. Where I am at with solitude, the Shell station incident, the late semester course load, and the night of weird questions
  4. [Book Review] Astrology in the Middle Ages, by Theodore Otto Wedel (Dover Press)
  5. Literary Heroes: That Sticky Road
  6. The Problems with "The Victory of the Daleks" (Eleventh Doctor, s5e03)
  7. Bag o' LINKS! PKD at PG, Author v Author written slaps, HPLHS's Whisperer trailer, and old DW novels for free
  8. The Graves (After Dark HorrorFest 4)
  9. Doug's quick test to find out if that guy on the message board really *is* a professional
  10. The Final (After Dark Horrorfest 4 [2010])
  11. Thinking about Movie (et al) Ratings

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