Short, Untitled Poem: "Dawn, asleep in the fog of the trees and sounds"

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Summary: This poem came out of a wholly different intention...I wanted to write about the idea that there are two of me, one of which is not the one I am, for better or worse, and such...and this is the best, and possibly only way, to express the strange energies of that thought.

Monday, 12 April 2010

(00:51:01 CDT)

Short, Untitled Poem: "Dawn, asleep in the fog of the trees and sounds"

Dawn, asleep in fog of the trees and sounds, far away, of a dump truck and a car horn Catching quickly clashing together for some reason or another, And another me stands there, out there, where the sunlight is not yet; Wondering. The morning comes, the grass spiders weave the dawn flows to the left, Catches on an Easterly breeze, And wakes up. The noon

Si Vales, Valeo

PS: I will return to writing my blog pretty much starting tomorrow (That would be April 12). I have a lot of posts saved up, and the projects that kept me from it are all drying up. Rejoice, you know, if you want to...


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