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(December 2011)

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  1. 03 Dec 11, 02:17:42 PM -
    To use the men's room at Atlanta Bread Company, it helps if you are proud of your junk...
  2. 06 Dec 11, 08:50:43 PM -
    The new car (at last), Katie came to visit, minor elective self-surgery, stuff, bits, and a pair of Thanksgiving photos...
  3. 08 Dec 11, 01:49:24 PM -
    These Gobstoppers are actually "Everlasting", in the only way they know how...
  4. 14 Dec 11, 04:44:21 PM -
    How I wrongly assumed a parody when passion went loud, or the case of the angry Twilight fan, or..why we must forgive the tastes of others...
  5. 20 Dec 11, 08:05:30 PM -
    Demons [1985 Italian Horror, Supernatural, Gore]
  6. 22 Dec 11, 02:28:04 PM -
    I am not a fan of Twilight, nor particularly one of "KStew", but this image inordinately fascinates me...
  7. 24 Dec 11, 10:14:13 AM -
    I know it's Christmas Eve and all...but when is it NOT a good day to share horrifying images that result from cooking with bananas?
  8. 27 Dec 11, 02:03:51 PM -
    Wind Chill [2007 Ghost and Surviving-the-Cold Horror] [Bonus Review: Crackle on Roku LT]
  9. 29 Dec 11, 02:21:07 PM -
    Beware! Children at Play [1989 Kids-gone-Wrong Horror, Troma]

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