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(August 2012)

  1. 01 Aug 12, 12:24:44 PM -
    Study tests links between eating disorders and vegetarian diets. "News report" adds to the confusion over the statistics and findings . I dissect...
  2. 13 Aug 12, 12:46:38 AM -
    I'm basically posting this photo of Cinderella sleeping in a box to make Sarah go "awwwwwwwwww"
  3. 20 Aug 12, 10:36:25 PM -
    Unexpected horror gold: Crevices is a Japanese horror short which has sort of a Hounds of Tindalos thing going on...
  4. 23 Aug 12, 10:30:06 AM -
    Doctor Who's upcoming season gets a release date, a new short trailer, and another pun...
  5. 26 Aug 12, 11:02:31 AM -
    Americans waste up to 40% of their food...
  6. 28 Aug 12, 11:56:33 AM -
    Day in the Life, 12874: Voted this morning, the tiny desire for life upheaval, maybe other things...

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