Day in the Life, 12874: Voted this morning, the tiny desire for life upheaval, maybe other things...

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Summary: Voted this morning in the Huntsville municipal elections. Not very exciting, so I'll bring up the discussion of desiring life upheavals, and then I'll toss in some links and such.

BLOT: (28 Aug 2012 - 11:56:33 AM)

Day in the Life, 12874: Voted this morning, the tiny desire for life upheaval, maybe other things...

For just about the first time since I started the "new" format, there is over a month of posts represented on the front page, which means I have had only 8 posts in 5 weeks. That's not like me. At least they are well mixed. Usually when I have huge lulls in my blogging, it is because I am doing some other creative endeavor. Not this time, it just hasn't come. I get ideas for posts, sure, but then feel like I've already been there, done that. I get a little tired of ranting at the news, I guess, even though deep down inside I am a news-ranter at heart. Oh well, I guess I'll just stick to Doctor Who, Minecraft, literature, and horror, then. Problem solved! Heh, that sounds sarcastic, but it wasn't meant to be...I really do need to focus on fun, creative things for a bit, for my soul.

To be honest, my reading has gone to crap, too. It has been something like a month since I have started The Strain trilogy and I still have about 60 pages left to read, and normally I could have done the 1000 pages or so within a week (+/- a few days for the slog factor) but somewhere around the beginning of summer I got stuck in "short story" mode and tend to only read in about 10-minute bursts, which sucks when trying to sustain a novel. After this, I plan on doing a few serious pieces of work interspersed with comedic classics. Clear the old brain dust out a bit.

Voted for mayor this morning. I went for Tommy Battle. To me, Loretta Spencer seems to care more about PTA meetings and new shopping malls, and while both of those are excellent things to have in a city, I think I would rather a mayor work out what can be done to help get Huntsville out of whatever malaise seems to be gripping it. I don't think Battle can do it, neither, I just think he can get it closer. At the time, circa 7:30am, Sarah and I were the eighth and ninth person to vote. Surely it has been busier since, but really I had heard nothing about when the voting was even supposed to be. Sarah found out. Sure, we don't have cable and only listen to NPR while in the car, but I am surprised that I haven't heard much. Even today, while the elections are going on, the Huntsville branch of spends more time talking about hurricanes, Republican conventions, and football than anything mayoral. Oh well, maybe Jackie Reed will win and we'll have a gay old time.

In a completely opposite sort of paragraph, have you ever felt like your life needed a little bit of upheaval? That, barring some sort of jarring change, that you will eventually find yourself a decade on and unevenly settled? Like, maybe, Sarah and I should pack up and move to [insert state, here] and try again with a different set of job prospects and a different slant of light? I don't know. I kind of feel like that, like we could do just fine from now to death in Huntsville but just maybe it would be fun to go somewhere else and see what sort of greenery that place has, even if it means we just end up moving back here in a couple of years. Maybe. Just an inkling of an urge I've been having.

What else do I have to share? Hmm. Let's see.

Ewww, that was two HuffPo links in one journal post. I feel like I should go and wash my blog.

Ok, this catch-up post kind of blew, but it's good to get it out there, it really is.

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