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(September 2012)

  1. 04 Sep 12, 10:38:48 AM -
    Day in the Life 12881: Space City, Unexpected but brief trips, Sad but important conversations with my mom
  2. 05 Sep 12, 10:36:20 PM -
    The Ever Evolving Walgreens Beggar. Or, is there some sort of meeting where they plan these things out...
  3. 10 Sep 12, 11:30:08 AM -
    My last words are going to be very meta... [and, the interesting switch in morality at the end of this week's Doctor Who]
  4. 11 Sep 12, 10:19:20 AM -
    As Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley continues to lose its collective mind: Man shoots motorcyclist because he felt like shooting someone
  5. 16 Sep 12, 09:30:58 PM -
    Day in the life 12893: echo "Hello, World"
  6. 21 Sep 12, 02:10:14 PM -
    Trying to help a friend find a book, I found this...um...science fiction "romance"
  7. 24 Sep 12, 12:43:07 PM -
    Five things I can say I am about happy about right now, or at least excited about...in a generally good way...
  8. 26 Sep 12, 04:20:08 PM -
    TEACHING SCIENCE GOES [happy] BOOM! Yay for Ping-Pong Balls!
  9. 27 Sep 12, 11:08:24 AM -
    Minireviews of the stories in /A Season in Carcosa/, a new Miskatonic River Press anthology of "Yellow Mythos" tales, hashtag #Carcosa

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