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(November 2012)

  1. 02 Nov 12, 01:45:51 PM -
    How do you announce that a man named Quincy Jones is indicted for contracting a murder and drug charges? AL.com finds a way...
  2. 06 Nov 12, 12:48:30 PM -
    Of course they were going to make it into a movie (if not several)...
  3. 19 Nov 12, 02:18:51 PM -
    Finally watched Final Destination (as in, the original one) and had some random insights to share
  4. 28 Nov 12, 01:55:55 PM -
    What kind of services are we offering at this library?!
  5. 30 Nov 12, 01:02:46 PM -
    Finally have my own custom Minecraft skin (hint: it's me), and still my favorite Penny Arcade comic after a bit...

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