Dickens of a Blog

(March 2013)

  1. 01 Mar 13, 12:34:08 PM -
    Taking NotAlwaysRight.com off of my reader list. Can't take it, anymore...
  2. 02 Mar 13, 10:18:44 PM -
    Last night's Fiasco was the most bombastic yet, but I think next time, I'm going for something a little more even-keeled...
  3. 05 Mar 13, 06:37:55 PM -
    Yet Another Copyright Conundrum: When a cover gets coverage over the original. or, The Knife Game Song.
  4. 08 Mar 13, 09:35:01 PM -
    The TMBG/Moon Hooch concert. Thoughts Brief and Rambles Hopefully Briefer.
  5. 13 Mar 13, 03:20:11 PM -
    Day in the Life 13071: The very nearly Twitter mistake + taking stock of possessions prior to our non-move which is a double move
  6. 15 Mar 13, 11:50:57 AM -
    My wife's horoscope said she would be anti-romantic, today...I'll take that challenge
  7. 20 Mar 13, 02:34:08 PM -
    A brief look into today's earworm: Blackwood Willow's Gloom
  8. 27 Mar 13, 02:44:33 AM -
    A well-meaning rant of dead-tree fetishism starts off well, dive bombs into personal attacks, and pulls up on the back-side of surreal

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