Taking NotAlwaysRight.com off of my reader list. Can't take it, anymore...

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Summary: I've read NotAlwaysRight.com pretty much daily for a couple of years. After a bit, decided just let it go.

BLOT: (01 Mar 2013 - 12:34:08 PM)

Taking NotAlwaysRight.com off of my reader list. Can't take it, anymore...

Back when I posted about eschewing Schadenfreude sites, I left in a general clause that commiseration sites were ok, so I kept NotAlwaysRight.com in. Over the past year, though, I think it has gone from about 60% hit (with 20% near hits) to probably no more than 30% hits (10% near) and much is now rehash, obvious misunderstanding on the part of the cashier, strange retail fantasy, or such over-the-top exaggeration as to be kind of sad. Many recent posts are people posting how they were the nice customer—at least not the bad. It has become a modern day Horatio Alger tale, except instead of Ragged Dick, it's "Tom, the customer who smiled". Factor in the rather large quantity of "customer left a tip at a retail store" fantasy also drifting through, and how can it be anything but some odd sociological experiment in retail-guilt?

The post that made me leave, though, was this one—"Tray Fray" and its penultimate line:

Without warning, the customer throws her bag full of food at my face. It's filled with cardboard sandwich boxes and hot fries inside, so she takes a solid chunk out of my cheek and I start bleeding.

While I am sure that there is a hypothetical chunk-sheering factor that a half-pound bag of food might achieve if at XY velocity and AB angular momentum, something about having to care about a fantasy world where a McDonald's bag with food for one customer can slice chunks from a cashier's face just did me in. Lord.

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