Dickens of a Blog

(November 2013)

  1. 02 Nov 13, 11:49:49 AM -
    Some background on our halloween costumes, Esme Weatherwax and Mustrum Ridcully
  2. 06 Nov 13, 09:03:59 AM -
    The next big thing in horror...what do you think it will be? I make my guess. Also, a horrible list of horror cliches to avoid, and my better list of avoidable things.
  3. 08 Nov 13, 02:45:36 PM -
    My most recent earworm: Low's City of Music rendition of "Clarence White"
  4. 09 Nov 13, 10:28:36 PM -
    My first few years in college, specifically my love life, explained in a single A Softer World comic...
  5. 10 Nov 13, 12:15:17 PM -
    As Oliver engages in Jamesian tactile-horror++, all we need now is the transcript from an old trial and a piece of linen...
  6. 17 Nov 13, 08:35:41 PM -
    Review: Grabbers [Irish Comedy Horror, 2012]
  7. 25 Nov 13, 12:42:13 PM -
    A poem/song I found while weeding books at the library [author unknown]. Plus, my own [fairly different] take on the same basic vibe.
  8. 26 Nov 13, 02:05:12 PM -
    Weird errors in the online versions of "An Evening's Entertainment", as spotted by The M.R. James Podcast

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