Dickens of a Blog

(January 2015)

  1. 01 Jan 15, 08:16:51 AM -
    Bolden New Year's Traditions and Superstitions: No cleaning, do what you want to do for the year, food, etc
  2. 05 Jan 15, 03:02:14 PM -
    My simple little RGB matching game. Want to see how good you are at matching colors?
  3. 19 Jan 15, 08:30:14 PM -
    The strange persistent existence of food-based urban legends and a generational claim issue
  4. 20 Jan 15, 09:09:02 PM -
    Wrong Turns 6, 1, and 2
  5. 23 Jan 15, 09:27:11 PM -
    Old EC Ad: If you hate comics, you're a communist!
  6. 26 Jan 15, 09:21:33 AM -
    The man behind Berberian Sound Studio has made a strange, stylish erotic domination love story featuring lesbian entomologists...The Duke of Burgundy.

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