My simple little RGB matching game. Want to see how good you are at matching colors?

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Summary: I made a simple little game that allows you to try and manipulate one color until it matches another. Give it a shot.

BLOT: (05 Jan 2015 - 03:02:14 PM)

My simple little RGB matching game. Want to see how good you are at matching colors?

I had a plan for a HSV (hue, saturation, value) matching game where you are given one color (a target HSV) and a current/starting color and then a number of steps (say 17) to get the starting color to the target color by single steps on either the H, S, or the V. It was a way to explore how one hue is related to another hue, or to the same hue with another saturation, etc. Oh, the trick is that you only see the color, not the number, so you learn the relationship as a visual difference, not a mathematical one.

I realized I could relatively easily make something similar, using RGB values (values of red, green, and blue) and Javascript. The player is given a target color and a starting color adds|subtracts} {red|green|blue} one step at a time and matches the colors by watching how the shade of color changes. The values are restricted to sixteen steps (to stop you from having hundreds of possibility per color). Options are added to allow you to match either the red, green, or blue immediately. Then you can turn on "cheat text" to see what the current value is.

If you want to play Doug Bolden's Simple RGB Match Game, then please do. I plan on extending its functionality a bit out if I can. Adding some UI elements and other aspects as I go. For now, though, it is playable. As for whether it is fun, that's entirely dependent on your definition of fun.

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