Dickens of a Blog

(February 2015)

  1. 06 Feb 15, 07:01:12 AM -
    Day in the Life #13766, Going through some 1-star horror on Netflix, my copyleft talk, upcoming talk on the future of books, and to share-alike or not
  2. 11 Feb 15, 08:46:07 AM -
    The Devil Rides Out (1968 Movie)
  3. 12 Feb 15, 09:27:27 AM -
    To the Devil a Daughter (1976)
  4. 15 Feb 15, 09:10:04 AM -
    As Spotted on Tumblr...How, Why, When? Demons.
  5. 21 Feb 15, 09:23:22 AM -
    For my bookstore friends, "honest" labels for Barnes and Noble style displays...
  6. 23 Feb 15, 09:38:51 PM -
    Got a mix-bag of WizDice dice, 15+ complete sets for $19.99. Pics and some thoughts.

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