Got a mix-bag of WizDice dice, 15+ complete sets for $19.99. Pics and some thoughts.

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Summary: Picked up my first ever dice-grab-bag. It is pretty cool. I think I prefer to buy them a bit at a time, but this helped to shore up a few spots.

BLOT: (23 Feb 2015 - 09:38:51 PM)

Got a mix-bag of WizDice dice, 15+ complete sets for $19.99. Pics and some thoughts.

Was going to be posting the first actual vid to my Doug Talks Weird series, but realized that for me to achieve what I want—5-10 minute videos with an informative-in-a-fun-way bent involving weird fiction (etc)—that I am going to require a script. Not one that is word-for-word, but something that lays out the quotes and points I want to make along with some possible side-notes and whatnot. Trying to organize a discussion about a story, a genre, and a genre concept in 5 minutes is just too rough. Maybe after a few eps I will be able to do it, but not right now.

Curious as to what I'm talking about? You can watch the the "pilot" episode where I talk about a few of the concepts, my history with horror, and etc. It is fairly rough and not the sort of thing I want for the actual series, but it shows that I can ramble for hours on the topic just fine, it is simply getting down to brass-tacks that takes some planning.

Instead, I am going to talk about the 100+ dice grab-bag set by WizDice I ordered. The set is $19.99, and eligible for Prime on Amazon. It comes in a pouch that weighs about a pound. Doesn't look like much. Surprisingly, a 100+ dice fits in a quart zipper bag quite easily.

On opening, I found 15 complete sets of polyhedral dice—by the reckoning that each set is 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10 (0-9), 1d10 (00-90), and 1d20. One set was a match of another (a sort of pearl-glitter dice with golden flecks, what was labeled as "forbidden treasure"). This makes for 14 unique sets, generally a combination of solids, glitters, swirls, and translucents. One last set was incomplete, missing the d20 and the d12 (in the pics below, it is the yellow translucent set to the bottom left). My favorite two are the bright translucent pink set (which shows up sort of orange in the pictures) and a sort of glitter/swirl green grey set up in the top center (looks sort of grey in the pictures).

Most of the dice are good quality, with some a great mix of colors and numbering. A few are mediocre with the numbers already partially rubbed off or nicks or other irregularity. None of them are exceptional, but they make a nice filler set and would be a good stocking stuffer or travel set. Even ignoring the duplicate set and the partial set, it still comes out to be only $1.43 per set (or, per dice, at a 110 dice total, $0.18). Though not exceptionally so, that tends to be cheaper than one-at-a-time method or the pre-made-set method. I would generally rank the overall dice-quality as fair and the overall value as good. Just don't expect any amazing surprise.

Ok, here are the pictures. The last one is me putting them into my dice tower.

A zipper bag full of dice

Different sets of dice laid out on floor

Different sets of dice laid out on floor

Dice stored in a dice box



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