Which Is More Annoying?

This is one of those old games, where you have two choices of pretty much equal distastefulness and you have to pick which one you can most live with. Except I take two things equally annoying and I juxtapose them in a way where it is partly that game and partly a commentary on me and my view of things.

In quite a few of these, I am one of the "either/or" choices, or at least I am sometimes like that. Most of my friends missed this point of the "quiz".


a) Friends on social sites that list 90 favorite bands, 30 favorite movies, 10 favorite television shows; but list "I don't read enough" as their favorite book...

or, b) Friends on social sites that list 90 favorite bands, 30 favorite movies, 10 favorite television shows; and "too many to name" as their favorite book?


a) Friends who have one hobby that they obsess about every single time you talk to them...

or, b) Friends that change hobbies every time you turn around?


a) People who believe in conspiracy (or similar) theories with only a small smidgen of fact and cite several websites who all got their facts from the same, small press book from the mid-80s to late-90s...

or, b) People who dismiss any theory they do not agree with as "just that egghead college propaganda!"? (by the way, this one is dedicated to the memory of my loving, but mule headed, father)


a) Fundamentalists that scream about you over some minor infraction of their interpretation of Biblical law...

or, b) People who get just as upset over some infraction of a political standpoint, television show history, or scientific interpretation...without even their immortal souls at stake?


a) People who think that all porn and/or erotica is a spawn of the devil (lower cased d for those secularists who agree with them) and is always a sign of an unfaithful or disturbed mind...

or, b) People who are so obsessed over porn and/or erotica that they have naked women on their desktop?


a) People who never vote in elections because "what's the point, man?"...

or, b) A two party system that pretty much guarantees the chance of a candidate that agrees with taking office is at best a once in a lifetime shot?


a) People who get offended at any little joke or stance that degrades someone's, somewhere, dignity...

or, b) People who tell poop jokes about fat, black lesbians in wheelchairs because the shock factor makes them edgy?


a) The belief that a proper response to long discussion on a message board (and sometimes long can be 2-3 paragraphs) is "2 long...im not a reading a book moran"...

or, b) People who honestly think they accomplishing something by posting 3 page responses to someone's question on a message board?


a) People who preach tolerance towards all religions as a respect issue and who ignore violence linked to religion every day...

or, b) People who who preach hate toward religion without noting the positive social and charitable results?


a) People who inexplicably call surveys and quizzes that they take "memes"...

or, b) Grammar/Language freaks who feel the need to correct everyone's popular usage?

Written by W Doug Bolden

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