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This page exists because I am always thinking about things. I am always pondering, contemplating, mocking or fearing things. And, in many cases, little ideas crop up in my head. They rarely have any real good proof to start with, they rarely are complete thoughts, but they make sense in their own way, occasionally are funny, occasionally sound sort of sublime. I need a page to post them, so that I can have them out there for people to respond to and for me to keep in mind. This is that page.

That last setence was meant to be read in dramatic voice.

On the True Nature of Extinction

An extinct animal is not just gone from the earth, but, as a species of event, have been wiped out from the entirety of being. If, in 100 years, the Red Panda is extinct, this means that the universe will no longer have any concept of them outside the nature of a fictional creation.

On the Differences between Cognition and Existence

2. One of the largest historical failings of science and one that still continues to plague us (though we are getting better) is the ingrained notion that the way an event strikes our senses is the way an event strikes nature.

On the Nature of Religion to the Natural Mind

In historical texts, the idea of a higher power (as we think about it now) predates the idea of the self (ditto). Most writings prior to the Greeks are in third person and describe physical actions or very broad emotional states (in joy or in pain being mostly it). Art captured spiritual concepts, not the straightforward physical in front of the artist. We start actually hearing about internal dialogues and the true concept of the word "I" as we might use it today about the time of the Greeks. It is entirely possible that the concept of religion is more primary to humanity than the concept of humanity, or at least prior.

On the Fact that Evolution Just Don't Care

It occurs to me that, assuming Evolution is correct, that there is no evolutionary benefit to having a true understanding to the Universe. There is only the benefit in a) having enough knowledge to live long enough to have children, b) having enough knowledge to make life seem worthwhile (but not quite enough to find out that life is not worthwhile) and c) having enough knowledge to travel around and adapt to different places so that DNA can expand.

In that regard, besides for a pride sort of thing, it is very unlikely the human brain is actually all that close to solving the "Truth".

On the other hand, we have formed foreplay, so that's cool.

Written by W Doug Bolden

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