Deeper into the Labyrinth

(Thoughts of an Overthinker)

#2, Writer's Block

How many great story's have been written about writer's block?

I admit, I am writing this as something of a rhetorical question, but I do wonder. I have seen a few. A lot of writer's include it as a spice to their fiction from time to time. Its not unheard of to see it in print.

I just find it really ironic to think about.

We write about what we know. Yet we cannot know writer's block and write. We end up writing what we think writer's block felt like. We fake it. We make the motions. We try copying ourselves from that time.

But, its all a sham. It is the place we cannot go.

I am sure there is a dozen definitions of what causes it. I am sure there is a dozen cures. But for a writer, it is more than just a psychological state, a phase in the way that being scared of the dark is a phase. It is a break from a self-concept.

It is the other "you" showing up, the one who thinks things but cannot express them. Worse, it is the you that doesn't care to create.

It is the boogie man in your closet. A childhood fair. A realignment of you who you are.

See, there you are. I can't know about it, because I am writing it down. This description of it as a boogie man, as a self-reevaluation, too, is a sham. I am faking it so you have something to read.

It is all very strange to think about.

Written by W. Doug Bolden

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