I was supposed to sleep in this morning. [Bonus: My Astrophysics Slides]

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BLOT: (15 Sep 2010 - 12:19:56 PM)

I was supposed to sleep in this morning. [Bonus: My Astrophysics Slides]

I was supposed to sleep in this morning. Spent last night getting my astrophysics slides ready for presentation, and was going to aim to knock off my three page paper, finish my resources template, and start my weekend presentation and twelve page paper this afternoon and a little after class tonight. This was going to leave the morning free and I was trying to sleep until noon. Got, I don't know, two or three phone calls and a cat who was sure I was oversleeping. Now I'm up. I postponed actually getting up until about 10:30 after laying in bed for thirty minutes waiting to see if I could go back to sleep, but with a 3am bed time this still puts me at seven hours. Seven hours is a fair amount of sleep for me, but when I am doing as much as I am doing, and have actually gotten only about four hours the past couple of nights, I was hoping for a solid eight and a half or maybe nine. Ah well. I get to start "the grind" about two hours early. I would say that I am going to aim for a nap this afternoon, but I am pretty sure the universe won't let me.

Well, I am off to write about how public libraries and interact with school libraries (it's an "issue" paper, but I don't quite see the issue). Hopefully this one won't take more than about another half an hour. If you are curious, at all, about my astrophysics slide show, here you go: astronomy and astrophysics resources overview for reference librarians. It's not super in-depth or anything. And some aspects won't make sense outside of the presentation, but if need a couple of quick "go-to" sources for astronomy or astrophysics, that covers some of the better ones (maybe even most of the better ones, depending on what you are looking for). I'll be giving that presentation in class tonight. The purpose is to show off a few astro- sources to a class of reference librarians so that they might be able to recall a couple if they get a question at the desk. In turn, my other 15 or so classmates will have other topics they will show off.

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