on Me in 2010


The 4th Annual Masque of the Black Death, recapped (2 Jan 2010).

Snow Day in Alabama in three paragraphs and four photographs (8 Jan 2009).

The night of many posts, dealing with the mood I am in, facing Doug's Third Rule about Blogging, and coming back on Monday (16 Jan 2010).

19 Things Relearned This Past Weekend (18 Jan 2009).

Catching up with Doug at the end of January (29 Jan 2009).


New website design (sort of) and the trip to Tuscaloosa to see Neil Gaiman (20 Feb 2010). This past Thursday, Sarah and I went down to Tuscaloosa to visit the University of Alabama campus (especially Gorgas Library) and to attend an event featuring one of my favorite authors: Neil Gaiman. I talk a little bit about that event and some about changing the layout of my site to better work with mobile devices and so forth.


Me and My Ear: the pain and sorrow that was March 2010 (19 Mar 2010). I've just went through all sorts of fun times with my ear causing me pain and other issues. This brief telling may count as a warning to the rest of you.

The Solitude Project (March 24 through June 24, 2010) (23 Mar 2010). I have begun to wonder the power of solitude in our day and age. However, rather than some project where you go completely without contact, or completely without social sites, or some other extremes, the plan is to merely redirect some of the energy spent on social connections back into self-development, quietude, and peace. To perform this miracle of the modern age, I will use a simple Quadrant system. The time spent upon secondary contact (meaning all contact not fully developed or fulfilling) will be fourthed. The new free time will have new direction.


Where I am at with solitude, the Shell station incident, the late semester course load, and the night of weird questions (12 Apr 2010). This is a general catch-up post, one I have not done in a while: the solitude project continues, with mixed results. I got kicked out of a gas station (which is sort of old news, now). I am winding down to only two big, and two smaller, projects remaining, and tonight is the night weird computer errors and odd student requests.


Roast Chicken, Densho Otoko, Usual Suspects, and a relaxing weekend (9 May 2010). I am not 100% sure what the weekend was supposed to have entailed, but after sleeping for hours on Saturday and deciding to not leave the front door on Sunday, it ended up with me watching a few movies on my long overdue list, eating snacks, and hanging out with Sarah.

My greatly shrinking online footprint, mixtape for my brother, and 3000+ visits to DoaB (12 May 2009). Over the past few weeks, I have greatly changed my online presence to just a couple of core sites. I'm starting to twitch. In other news, making a mix-tape for my brother, Danny, and my website has reached 3000+ visits since December.


Thirty-third birthday weekend, other assorted sundries (1 Jun 2010). I turned thirty-three this weekend. In the next four months, about nine (more) days and I'm not sure how many hours, I will be 33.3333333..., or exactly a third of a century. By the way, my birthday weekend was boring...and excellent.

Setting myself on fire, Xenogears, Torchwood, Time's Arrow, and so forth... (14 Jun 2010). While I was going to say that it was a boring day, turns out...well, it was a blast. At least no books were harmed. In other news: semi-old school videogames, being 4 or so years behind a series all my friends have watched, and a book that makes all of my 'backwards in time' jokes not only redundant, but inadvertent plagiarism.

Serendipity: Saving my mom from scams since... (26 Jun 2010)

Going to be one of those "spacey" weeks... (29 Jun 2010).


Food Huggers, First Series of Wallander, Long Days on Campus, and Retro Gaming... [Life Update] (3 Jul 2010).

Answering political survey questions (1-800-251-5850) and afternoon rainstorms. (8 Jul 2010).

Poultrygeist night and growing old (11 Jul 2010).

A couple of days of people watching, playing Munchkin with "new" peeps, new tea mug, and corned-beef brisket (17 Jul 2010).

Lazy Days, Policies and Procedures, Months without Facebook, Inception, etc (29 Jul 2010).


First day of first real vacation since, I don't know... (9 Aug 2010).

How Sarah and I unintentionally caused mild pandemonium while watching Scott Pilgrim vs The World tonight (29 Aug 2010).


Buying phones, the closing of more stores, TV and popcorn and beer, and...um..I guess that's it (7 Sep 2010).

Taking a break from school-work to update you on the Dougish going ons... (14 Sep 2010).

I was supposed to sleep in this morning. [Bonus: My Astrophysics Slides] (15 Sep 2010).

The Day of Exhaustion and weird anxieties being dealt with (and brought up) by playing Minecraft (30 Sep 2010).

Feeling better, but still "off". Thinking of old-school nerves... (30 Sep 2010).


The Madison Street Festival (October 2nd, 2010) [Mom and I, Bellydancing, and The Boy. w/ some pics]

The Out-of-Town Sarah, The 13 Days to Halloween, The LJ Revamp, and the Busy Weekend (weddings, homework, other stuff, oh my!) (18 Oct 2010).


One class down, the Gadsden Trip, the TV Dilemma, and the Ultraman Tiga semi-oops (7 Nov 2010).

Being Sick, School Work, Walking About, HP Podcraft, and sundry other things from the past couple of days... (15 Nov 2010).


Leaking libraries, kicking trash-bins, drinking with friends, and other diverse elements (22 Dec 2010).

Slipping on sidewalks, too much candy, just enough snow, and other morsels of delight from my Christmas 2010 (29 Dec 2010). Christmas has come and gone. This one was better than most, possibly the best one in years as far as emotional ups and downs go. With the exception of snow + time = another leak, I'm pretty happy about it all. From slipping on sidewalks to eating too much candy, here is my Christmas 2010.

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