On the mend and what the mail-man brought...

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BLOT: (17 Nov 2010 - 03:14:13 AM)

On the mend and what the mail-man brought...

Will be quick, because I am blogging past my bed-time again, but just wanted to update my condition and talk about an odd little story. First off, I am doing much better. Still tinging towards the headache (have essentially had one since about 2pm, but it stays low enough that I mostly don't think about it until I look too quickly to one side or another). Still a bit woozy and tired. Most other symptoms, though, started clearing up Monday night and finished checking out this morning. I went to work as per normal, and it was a good shift. Outside of a bit of bother trying to summon mental acuity in a few cases, all was well.

Ok, let's rewind back to Monday, though, and discuss an odd incident that occurred Monday at about lunch time. I was on the phone with Sarah, talking to her a little about how I was doing, and right after making a brief but bad joke, got struck with a massive coughing fit. The kind that you end up gasping over. Sucked. Then, right about the time I start getting my voice back enough to continue talking, there is a knock on the door. It's the mailman. Except, I reach out because I assume that he is bringing me a package (he did, actually, two) but he is not here for delivery. His mail-truck had broken down. Since he delivers a couple of books to me a week (well, not really that many, but on some weeks there are a couple of packages) he knew me enough by name and face to know I am usually home during the day and to trust coming to me to borrow the phone. He called a couple of different numbers, got no answer. He headed back to his truck and I told him I would walk down to make sure he was ok in a bit.

By the time I am getting down there, he has my packages on hand, and he said that he did finally get a hold of someone (in this case, he used the apartment office phone). They were going to bring out a battery to replace his. Not a new battery. A battery that had been recharging after going dead last time. Turns out that during rainy days, the trucks have to keep headlights and blinkers and such on, and stay stopped kind often, so they often go dead on such days. SOP is to take the battery out, put another one, and then take the dead battery back to shop and charge it. The reason no one had answered the phone is probably because they were already out doing this with other mail trucks.

And well, it was somewhat pointless, but that is my odd story about what the mail-man brought. As for the packages, there was a Lin Carter history of the Cthulhu Mythos, which I am curious to read since Lin Carter is one of the men responsible for the reconfiguration of the Mythos post-Lovecraft into a Manichean war. I am sure I will disagree with many of his sentiments, but it could be fun. The other one was a collection of three novels about a washed up ex-writer for a now defunct British SF series and the murder mysteries he gets involved with involving various things like cons and recording commentary for DVD extras. Both are awesome things, and yay for weird stories and fun new books on a wet day in which I was quite ill.

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