I have a bad feeling this will be my greatest accomplishment in this lifetime... [Minecraft]

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Summary: I made a hedge-maze with a secret laboratory in the center in Minecraft. Good times.

BLOT: (09 Feb 2012 - 12:10:04 PM)

I have a bad feeling this will be my greatest accomplishment in this lifetime... [Minecraft]

I know that the elite of Minecraft post complex projects involving thousands of blocks and thousands of wo/man-hours to YouTube and for us to watch; 30 minute clips of of some dude's working Ferris Wheel that also works as an Enigma Machine (LGT: Wikipedia, before you get too excited) and the whole thing has been covered in red sheep's wool that took three years to collect. I never play Minecraft at the level. I do not want to play Minecraft at that level. For me, Minecraft is a tool used to balance my creative/destructive urges while listening to The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast and various Big Finish audios in the background. When I spend three or four days building a slime trap that works, and we are mostly talking about a hole in the ground with layers that help to trap more slime, I feel accomplished in a way that I'm sure others with their automatic slimeball collection advanced traps versioned 10.2.3 find completely unjustified.

So when I built this, pictured below, a "secret" laboratory [potion brewing, item enchantment] at the center of a hedge-maze with enough turns to be annoying [took me about 10 trips to get the hang of getting in and out without having to backup and try again], you have to understand: the Minecraft elite will never care. But I do. I love my hedge-maze. And, I fear it, because what if this is my zenith? What if I never again reach to such heights? Oh well, back to digging more holes and knocking caves through mountains just because, right?



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