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(February 2012)

  1. 02 Feb 12, 03:24:33 PM -
    A Softer World totally gets (and/or steals) my worldview. Also, SMBC on the "Good citizens have nothing to fear", kind of...
  2. 05 Feb 12, 02:54:54 PM -
    Academic publishing once more brews up a storm
  3. 09 Feb 12, 12:10:04 PM -
    I have a bad feeling this will be my greatest accomplishment in this lifetime... [Minecraft]
  4. 09 Feb 12, 09:53:29 PM -
    A day in the life, #12673. The coming of student loans, Valentine's Day plans, still no new Twitter, almost better, and RPG jonesing
  5. 10 Feb 12, 06:59:10 AM -
    Penny Arcade, on the slippery slope of watching Downton Abbey
  6. 10 Feb 12, 10:45:46 AM -
    Five months after I discuss the strange fetishism of women's armpits, the trend continues. Salon is there.
  7. 13 Feb 12, 10:45:35 PM -
    New York Times: The Upside of Dyslexia
  8. 14 Feb 12, 06:34:45 PM -
    Ah, Ook...my new programming obsession
  9. 19 Feb 12, 01:22:16 AM -
    Want to know what crazy, weird, possibly ironic thing I have been doing tonight?
  10. 22 Feb 12, 03:54:01 PM -
    Amazon drops IPG's Kindle titles. How ebooks' second storm will be the real test.
  11. 23 Feb 12, 12:47:48 PM -
    The scene of the Doctor holding his ground against the War Machines as the soldiers, Ben, and everyone else flees is surely one of the greats of the early series...
  12. 28 Feb 12, 10:26:05 AM -
    Two [kind of mini] rants: the state of horror today and RIAA's considering of piracy [i.e. real pirates] to be relatively benign

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