The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight [trademarked buzzword warning!] looks sexy, but...

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Summary: It has better font control, SD card support, and innovative light glow technology. For it's epub support and these features, I kind of want one, BUT...

BLOT: (06 May 2012 - 01:16:07 PM)

The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight [trademarked buzzword warning!] looks sexy, but...

Want to see the sexy, aka Barnes and Noble's about to hit the market Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight? Click the link! Or, look below for an artist rendering of what glowing light might look like...

When you read the page, though, you see some awesome things. Besides the support for ePubs, that I like, you also get SD card expansion, what seems to be better font control, some built in glare and screen protection to make it even more "paperlike" than the Kindle, and of course the GlowLight technology, which I suppose is kind of like those old IndiGlo watches in that it provides a gentle backlight experience that doesn't require the battery consumption nor the glare of the traditional back-lit screen. I dig it. But then I also see bits like this on the page, and I wonder what's going on...

Not "best" or "best reviewed". but "#1". Not only does that not match sales figures but seems to be unlikely to match them for some time (unless GlowLight becomes the "game changer") and volume of books sold on each device still seems to be heavily in Amazon's favor. Reviews I'm not sure, but I've always seen Nook vs. Kindle reviews to have about the same mix of positives and negatives. Who knows?

Eh, I think I'll just demand one for my birthday and then be done with it.



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