Dickens of a Blog

(May 2012)

  1. 02 May 12, 03:28:00 PM -
    The Ulimate (maybe too powerful) Comment Killer! Bonus: Most Bad-Ass Young Girl With a Violin You are Likely to See Today...
  2. 06 May 12, 01:16:07 PM -
    The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight [trademarked buzzword warning!] looks sexy, but...
  3. 08 May 12, 12:42:21 PM -
    Huntsville weird news this week: Parent cited for intimidating school board due to an iPad, Fluorine to stay in drinking water [but, the commies and our vital fluids!], and some jackass shot the Saturn V.
  4. 11 May 12, 03:29:10 PM -
    The Locked Key Incident (with a bonus happy resolution!) and other recent tidbits
  5. 15 May 12, 10:16:32 AM -
    Watching the Amazon Kindle Price Weenies Shoot Themselves in Their Own Collective Foot...
  6. 22 May 12, 09:41:39 AM -
    Me being a worrywart about the future of Community, but still, you know, I'm game for #sixseasonsandamovie if it can happen joyfully
  7. 23 May 12, 09:03:53 PM -
    Sarah and I are the new owners of this tent...now...what to do with it...
  8. 30 May 12, 11:23:15 AM -
    It's my birthday and I'll curry if I want to...

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