Me being a worrywart about the future of Community, but still, you know, I'm game for #sixseasonsandamovie if it can happen joyfully

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Summary: Community ended its third season with some stellar episodes, especially stellar in the sense that they tied up far more loose ends than one could have imagined, but now the future is ahead of it, and I am worried slightly.

BLOT: (22 May 2012 - 09:41:39 AM)

Me being a worrywart about the future of Community, but still, you know, I'm game for #sixseasonsandamovie if it can happen joyfully

I realize that when I store up episodes of shows like Community via my Amazon account (where I purchase episodes directly of essentially all of the first-run shows that I watch including Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs and Justified) then I am doubly part of the problem when said show needs a bit of a ratings boost, but without cable—nor even broadcast TV since I do not have a de-scrambler—and with a busy schedule sometimes watching two or three weeks worth in a two-hour marathon just makes sense. At any rate, sat down and finished the last four eps of the third season with Sarah this past weekend, and I enjoyed them. A lot. The therapy episode made for a nice "missing season" clip show. The heist episode mostly petered out by the end but had some fabulous moments. The videogame episode felt like it should have shown up earlier in the season for a number of reasons, but will likely be a fan favorite and was brilliant, and the final episode brought so many storylines to a perfect close that had it been the last ever episode of the show it would have been one of the best series finales I have seen.

Except it won't be the final ep. There will be at least thirteen more as a fourth season. Which is good. Yay. Except I'm a worrywart. Boo. This is why I am worried:

Even with these worries, there are good things for the to looking forward:

I will definitely be there. And I'm looking forward to it. Just, you know, it might be rough.



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