Sarah and I are the new owners of this to do with it...

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Summary: Sarah and I bought a tent. Now, where to go and what to do...

BLOT: (23 May 2012 - 09:03:53 PM)

Sarah and I are the new owners of this to do with it...

Growing up, camping was sort of my thing. Loved it. Was the kind of My Side of the Mountain kid who would go out in the woods with a hatchet and then build little leantos and a-frames out of trees and branches. Many of my favorite memories from the pre-12 set were camping out down by river banks.

As I grew older, camping ceased being for me. Partially because I entered into that middle ground where I was too young to really be in charge of things but too old to get away with outright petulance. The last two camping trips I went on were around 96-97, and both had funny stories in that funny-hee-hee not funny-ha-ha sort of way, but I'll save those.

All that is really needed to be known is that we now have a new tent (we actually have an older tent that we could use but never have, and some older equpiment that needs a desperate replacing since it has rusted but holds flammables). I have been craving getting out and camping some, at least a little, and so why not? I need something like a vacation. Outside of family trips, haven't even really left Huntsville since the one-day-out of Valentine's Day and haven't spent a weekend away from this apartment since last Spring or so, maybe even the Winter before that. Yeah. I need a vacation.

This is the tent we got, click the picture for the info/product page:

We actually got it for $60 under the price pictured, because Dick's was having something like a tent sale [rimshot? anyone? no one? ok!]. It's roomy, even to the point of me being able to stand up, and I think it will be all good. Got a one year warranty on it so that way if something goes south then it is all covered.

First up? Well, we were thinking maybe some place like Monte Sano or Lake Guntersville. One of the nearby-ish state parks so that we can bail if we need. Then, if that works, we want to try and hit up Dauphin Island this summer. After that? Maybe something else and then some fall camping. Then maybe it will be out of our system? Time will tell.



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