The Missing Disgusting [in a good way] Audiobook Problem

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Summary: About three years ago I semi-reviewed an audiobook. About two years ago, that book disappeared off the web. Leading us, naturally, to a very common question that I receive...

BLOT: (02 Jun 2012 - 10:23:01 AM)

The Missing Disgusting [in a good way] Audiobook Problem

When I wrote the semi-not-quite review of Edward Lee's The Bighead as an audiobook read by Mark Justice, I made a couple of assumptions. First up, I thought the book would be around for a bit. At that time, the only two legit versions available were that audiobook, and then an expensive-ish hardcover copy. Which means that the audiobook would be the cheapest direct way for anyone to get the story. The second assumption was that since I do occasionally review rare or limited edition things, that if it did disappear then it would be right beside a couple of the other bits that are also not available. I never get emails asking about where there those things are, so it should be all good, right?

To a degree, both of my assumptions were wrong, and the book went away about a year after I wrote that entry and since about late 2011 a fair number of Edward Lee fans have suddenly found out about the book (possibly the fact that an ebook edition has shown up is sparking that) and I have gotten several emails with the correspondent asking where can they get their own copy of the audio awesomeness.

It is a viable question. One I can appreciate—a similar one crosses my mind whenever I see a $200+ copy of a Ligotti limited edition that I did not, at the time, buy like I should have. Unfortunately, I have no good answers. Being a purely digital release, there is no used market nor a good way for owners of what copies there are out there to legitimately pass around.

These are the leads and/or deadends that I have found, though:

Here are links to the three most likely places it might show up in the future, based on my guess: DarkFuse [Shane's new storefront], Audible [which handles digital-only audiobooks, just in case you did not know], and Edward Lee's own homepage. If I find out anything, I will definitely pass it along.



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