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(June 2012)

  1. 02 Jun 12, 10:23:01 AM -
    The Missing Disgusting [in a good way] Audiobook Problem
  2. 03 Jun 12, 10:07:34 PM -
    Your Daily Dose of Creepy: man and his terrifying dummy (and/or man and his killer doom construct about to unleash horror unto the world)
  3. 06 Jun 12, 07:28:52 PM -
    My last three thoughts of Ray Bradbury, and one of his more powerful quotes.
  4. 12 Jun 12, 10:18:58 AM -
    From bearlove being good to DNA testing of dog poop, with a detachable penis used to seduce a minor (it's weirder than it sounds), I respond to various news bits. Bonus: What I'm reading right now...
  5. 14 Jun 12, 12:06:41 AM -
    The Shrine (2010 Supernatural Horror, Canadian). Starring Aaron Ashmore and Cindy Sampson. Directed by Jon Knautz.
  6. 18 Jun 12, 10:36:49 PM -
    One of my favorite rolls in an RPG to date...even though I was the GM and a player avoided a dastardly trap by its success
  7. 23 Jun 12, 01:19:15 AM -
    Me and my early RPGs, or... How finding I had a complete boxset of Everway was like a bonus birthday gift...
  8. 23 Jun 12, 12:13:43 PM -
    Is Albert Campion really The Doctor in a prolonged disguise?
  9. 24 Jun 12, 08:49:56 AM -
    Actual Headline: Stonehenge wasn't built by aliens
  10. 25 Jun 12, 02:47:39 PM -
    The full three offspring quote from The Darkest Part of the Woods
  11. 27 Jun 12, 10:32:28 PM -
    Some more details from the "starved child reaching for a heart" images at UAH
  12. 29 Jun 12, 12:03:49 PM -
    Apple profits by taking advantage of overworked young ideologues loyal to The Great Leader. Not a repeat.
  13. 30 Jun 12, 03:12:50 PM -
    Why the Christy "returning to the climate of our grandparents" only looks at half the picture, though I agree with the general conclusions

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