Day in the Life 13055: Body Chemistry Goes Weird! Happy Birthday, Blue Eyes!

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Summary: Happy Birthday Sarah and Cinderella! Boo body going weird!

BLOT: (25 Feb 2013 - 02:56:42 PM)

Day in the Life 13055: Body Chemistry Goes Weird! Happy Birthday, Blue Eyes!

Have you ever gotten a pattern of states and sensations that could be described as your body chemistry going weird?

I had that yesterday. Started with a headache a bit of weakness. Took some painkiller and then went shopping with Sarah. It kind of passed only to shortly hit back with a vengeance in between stores and I had to insist we wrap it up with the then-current errand. By the time we got home, the headache was pretty severe. I took some more painkiller, and waited for a couple of hours. Smoked part of a cigar to see if any nicotine would help. Neither did anything. Around 6-7pm, drank a couple of beers and then finally everything crashes in at once and I got both un-headachy and kind of dizzily relaxed. Over the next half hour, this transferred into nausea. Eventually I started to feel like maybe I just need some more calories, but upon eating my heart started racing and my tiredness level shot up (i.e. my energy level shot down) and I went to bed and slept for ten hours.

I get those days from time to time, fairly rarely but at least semi-annually where my body gives me certain signs and symptoms [S] that seem to require obvious answers [A], but then upon ministring A, S becomes S' and then I try A', and we enter into S'' and A''. Eventually remnants and echoes of S-S''' are compounding with side-effects of A-A''' and I can either just go to bed—as I did last night—or I can give up and drink lots of water and hope for the best. I wonder if either I am getting some virus and am healthy enough that I only get some of the fringe symptoms or if I am unhealthy enough that minor viruses that pass healthier people over and hitting me particularly hard. It seems like the sort of thing you would read of women getting in the Victorian times, chalked up to a imbalance of humors pouring over into hysteria, and we all know what the treatment for hysteria was, don't we?

Somehow my symptoms don't seem teh sexay, though. I'm going to stick the "mild virus" theory until I get definite, hopefully photographic, proof that it is my spleen acting an asshole. Then I'll show him. Oh yes, I will.

What was particularly sad about me being so out of it yesterday was that it was Sarah's and Cinderella's birthdays. In Cindy's case, observed, since we know she was born near February 2003, but don't know the exact date, so we tend to celebrate her birthday on the same as Sarah. Sarah is [age withheld] while Cindy is 10, making her a middle-aged cat. She is finally old enough to justify her grump. She has tended to be healthy most of that—outside of her weight which she gained within just a few months of staying with us after a month or two of being a stray—so I am hoping "middle aged" is an accurate rather than affectionate description. As for Sarah, we had a fair, relaxing time despite my day-long issues. We went out, got her a Greek Salad via Zoës Kitchen, came back and watched TV and hung out. Walked around a tad. Got her a foam roller to help with the tired muscles between her running, toning class, dance class, and rowing class. Played some Dominion. Was meant to be Agricola but it took me a while to even feel like staring at anything, much less planning ahead. She whipped me so thoroughly that maybe I shouldn't have even bothered. Had we done Agricola, I probably would have starved to death in the second year and ended with a single sheep and dead family members, or something to that effect.

Well, I am feeling much better today, and Sarah should be home shortly, so I think I'll run and get some reading done before cooking us an early supper.


1: From Auckland Theatre Company's page for The Next Room. All rights belong to them and the photographer. If you live down New Zealand way, seems like something worth looking into, if the publicity photos are any indication.

2: From Wikipedia's page on Female Hysteria. Image is in public domain, but that link should be helpful to fill in blanks if you have no idea what I am talking about.


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