Dickens of a Blog

(February 2013)

  1. 02 Feb 13, 07:19:55 PM -
    Shopping continues to grow weirder and more alien for me...
  2. 03 Feb 13, 03:26:19 PM -
    So, it turns out that the guy I helped down in the archives last week used to be on NPR...
  3. 05 Feb 13, 12:44:23 AM -
    Pools of acid and the infernal machine, part 2 of our tremulus game write up
  4. 06 Feb 13, 11:50:18 PM -
    Is Huntsville Pedestrian Friendly? No.
  5. 10 Feb 13, 11:51:50 PM -
    Guess what he threw at the cops! Or, fishing for inspiration for my horror game
  6. 11 Feb 13, 01:02:58 PM -
    Watched The Ice House (Ghost Stories for Christmas 1978). Not quite sure what to make of it, but it feels oddly like an RTD-era Doctor Who (minus The Doctor)
  7. 19 Feb 13, 12:15:41 AM -
    Applying some rules from tremulus in my other horror RPG sessions. Or, accumulating good GM skills the long way
  8. 25 Feb 13, 02:56:42 PM -
    Day in the Life 13055: Body Chemistry Goes Weird! Happy Birthday, Blue Eyes!
  9. 26 Feb 13, 11:42:37 AM -
    What the hell?! My brain dedicates valuable dream time to anti-DRM agitprop, also the sadness upon waking...
  10. 28 Feb 13, 11:51:03 PM -
    Why make monsters in history when history made plenty of its own? The Monson Motor Lodge incident of June 1964.

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