Some neat pictures of abandoned places...

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Summary: I am a big fan of abandoned places and 'urban decay' [in the more abandoned sense of the word]. Here is a link with some pretty pictures of it.

BLOT: (17 Apr 2013 - 11:16:35 AM)

Some neat pictures of abandoned places...

My friend, Becca, sent me a link this morning: 30 Abandoned Places That Look Truly Beautiful. And there are some pretty snaps, there. A few lean to the Instagram'd or at least touched up side of things*, but nearly all deliver quite nicely on the old romantic adage that dead things are beautiful things. I'm paraphrasing.

Seriously, though, I am in love with urban abandonment. Not sure why. I think I like the idea that all our best efforts are only transient interlopers, or maybe I just like to see life finding a way to take back over where once the artifice stood. And old ghosts. We cannot forget the glory of old ghosts, from different times, windows to a now-gone, joined all the other now-gones sitting in the dark, waiting for everything vibrant around us now to join them, the final cry of the will-be-gones.

My favorite image from the group is the El Hotel Del Salto in Colombia, aka The Haunted Hotel at Tequendama Falls:

* which makes me realize that there are kids out there taking Instagram'd photos of famous works of art...Mona Lisa via Polaroid 1984, et cetera, and the world suddenly feels alien and strange to me. Is this what dying feels like? Is this going to be...forever?


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